Who gets their pets photographed?

Pet owners come to us to capture images of their animals that they cannot get. Our experienced photographers have the expertise and tools to take images that reveal your pet(s)’ personality. We recommend having your pet(s) professionally photographed in all stages of their life: when they are newborn, fully grown and in their aging years. These images will be precious to you now and in the years ahead.


Can I have multiple pets photographed at the same time?

Yes. Please let us know when you schedule your appointment how many pets you will bring. We’ll photograph them as a group and also individually. Let us know if you want any specific pairings.


What if my pet(s) won’t sit still?

You’re not alone – most pets don’t! We allow your animal(s) time to scope out the new people and environment so that they are comfortable before we begin photographing. Our patient photographers have a knack for working with pets, capturing timeless images in-between the running, barking, panting and more. If you think your pet(s) is not cut out for a session, come and see what IN-FOCUS can produce for you.


Where will my pet(s) be photographed?

The friendly ambiance of our studio provides a comfortable and secure atmosphere for pets with an array of backgrounds and color options. If leaving the house for your pet(s) is a challenge, we would be happy to photograph in your home. Some of our most popular pet sessions take place at the beach, park, woods and your home.


Can I meet our photographer?

Absolutely! Both owners Mary and Jerry are known for their award-winning pet photography (and their sometimes unorthodox methods of getting your pet’s attention). You can either schedule an appointment to meet with your photographer in person, or chat with them on the phone. They can help you prepare and give you some fresh ideas for your session.


How do I prepare for the session?

We recommend having your pet groomed up to a week before the session. Also plan to be photographed with your pet(s) as well as other family members, as this not only helps calms their nerves, but also gives you the option to order these images. Wear a simple, solid color garment with the same tonal range as your pet(s).


What should I bring to the session?

Bring toys, clothes or props you want to include in the images. It’s best to select simple props that are not a distraction in the photos. Also decide whether or not you want to keep collars on for the session. Bring treats or toys that will help get your pet’s attention as they are photographed, but work with the photographer before using them. Arrive 5-10 minutes early for a studio session to allow your pet(s) to become familiar with our studio. Please walk your dog(s) before entering.


When can I see my images?

About a week after your session we’ll set up a purchasing appointment with you to view and select your images and products. This appointment generally lasts an hour, and we ask that you bring with you whoever is involved in the decision-making process, since you will be placing your order at this time. Images will not be posted online. No phones, cameras or recording devices are allowed during this appointment. You may choose from a variety of prints and products, but our most popular pet product is the “Story Frame.” All ordered images are professionally retouched and enhanced.


When will I get my order?

Normal turn-around from the time you place your order is 4-6 weeks. It can take 6-8 weeks during our peak holiday season. Faster turnaround times are available upon request.

Studio Sessions

30 minute studio session (1 Pet): $79
60 minute studio session (1-2 Pets): $129
90 minute studio session (3+ Pets): $199


Location Sessions

90 minute location session (1Pet): $199
120 minute location session (2-3 Pets): $249
150 minute location session (3+ Pets): $299


Prints & Products

Choose from a variety of products, including Wall Art, Gallery Easel sets, gift prints (8×10 and smaller), digital archives, and our most popular pet item: the “Story Frame,” which starts at $295 and includes multiple images in one frame. Other prints and products start at $225.