Maternity & Newborn

Why should I take maternity photos?

Whether it’s your first child, last, or somewhere in the middle, a maternity session preserves this brief moment in time when you are connected to your child in a way you will never be again. It’s a great idea to include the father and other children in the session as they complete the story of the new life. The best time to schedule a maternity session is about 35 weeks into your pregnancy. This allows your baby to show without getting too close to the big day.


Can I schedule a newborn session if I don’t know when it will be?

Yes. It’s best to schedule a newborn session at the same time as the maternity session so you won’t have to worry about the details when your baby arrives. We will be on call to photograph your newborn during their very first days. This is also a great session to include the entire family.


Where will we be photographed?

The friendly ambiance of our studio provides a simple and comfortable atmosphere with an array of backgrounds and color options. Our most popular maternity and newborn session is at your home, in the nursery, other special rooms, or outdoors. Right at the hospital is also a great option for newborn portraits.


What should we wear?

For your maternity session, wear a form fitting shirt to accentuate your shape and a button down shirt on top to reveal your belly. For your newborn, select simple clothes that won’t overpower their delicate features or have them photographed without clothes. Blue and green are classic colors for boys, and pink and purple are popular for girls. When including family members in a session, everyone should have matching or complimentary tones and styles. Choose a theme everyone can enjoy.

Photographs best:

  • Solid, earth tone colors
  • Medium to dark tones
  • Simple neck-lines
  • Long sleeve shirts

Wear in moderation:

  • Bare shoulders or spaghetti straps, which can make you look heavier
  • Bright colors such as red, orange, and pink
  • Stripes, plaids, checks, and bold prints


What should I bring to the session?

For your maternity session, a robe or satin/silk material works great for draping. Bring items that exhibit your love for your expected child, such as their clothes, shoes, toys, books, blankets or furniture. You could even bring blocks that spell out their name. These are also great options for a newborn session, but keep the props simple so they are not a distraction in the images. For a maternity or newborn portrait, you can bring a couple of different outfits, but for the newborn session we recommend you start with your favorite in case the young one gets tired.


Can I meet our photographer?

Absolutely! Owners Mary and Jerry would love to help you generate some fresh ideas for your session. You can either schedule an appointment to meet with your photographer in person or chat with them on the phone.


When can I see my images?

About a week after your session we’ll set up a purchasing appointment with you to view and select your images and products. This appointment generally lasts an hour, and we ask that you bring with you whoever is involved in the decision-making process, since you will be placing your order at this time. Images will not be posted online. No phones, cameras or recording devices are allowed during this appointment. You may choose from a variety of prints and products, but our most popular maternity and newborn selection is a “Story Frame.” All ordered images are professionally retouched and enhanced.


When will I get my order?

Normal turnaround from the time you place your order is 4-6 weeks. It can take 6-8 weeks during our peak holiday season. Faster turnaround times are available upon request.

Studio Sessions

30 minute studio session (1 Child): $79
60 minute studio session (1-2 Children): $129
90 minute studio session (3+ Children): $199


Location Sessions

90 minute location session (1 Child): $199
120 minute location session (2-3 Children): $249
150 minute location session (3+ children): $299


Prints & Products

Choose from a variety of products, including Wall Art, Gallery Easel sets, gift prints (8×10 and smaller), digital archives, and our most popular maternity and newborn item: the “Story Frame,” which starts at $295 and includes multiple images in one frame. Other prints and products start at $225.


Children Programs

Children grow so quickly that it can be easy to forget to have them photographed as they mature. We’ve designed these children programs to help you stay on track and capture the most important moments in your children’s lives, from birth to kindergarten, and help you save money with special discounts.


Baby’s First Days

We capture every detail with a hospital or home visit during these precious first days, photographing from their tiny nose to their wrinkly toes.

180 minute location session, 25 birth announcements: $225 ($425 value)


Baby’s First Year

Changes occur rapidly in the first months of your child’s life. Your infant transforms from tiny and helpless to active and curious. Baby’s First Year includes sessions at three, six, nine, and twelve months, allowing you to preserve every stage of your child’s first year.

4 – 60 minute studio sessions, 12×12 Image Frame: $299 ($589 value)


Growing Years

As your child develops, it’s important to have them professionally photographed every year before they begin school. We make it easy with Growing Years, which includes a session at ages one through five.

5×60 minute studio sessions, 12×12 Image Frame: $295 ($720 value)