Phil and Kayla's Punta Cana Wedding

Phil and Kayla’s Punta Cana Wedding

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We enjoyed our week in paradise with Kayla and Phil on their beautiful destination wedding!  The weather on their wedding day couldn’t have been nicer. The temperatures were in the mid 80’s with blue skies. Quite extraordinary for a March 15th wedding, except when you’re in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

Kayla anxiously awaiting her wedding day, hung her wedding dress above the window. Her dress hung elegantly with the window light shining through it.  Baby Riley knew something was happening as she squirmed and even gave us a few smiles before she put on her little dress.  The girls, Tammy Jo and Amanda looked great in their coral colored dresses. The colors of the bouquets accented the dresses so well. Kayla said her flowers were exactly like the photo she sent the florist.  As Kayla stepped into her dress for the first time, it fit like a glove. She looked like a princess.


As Kayla was getting ready for the big day, Phil and the guys were completely relaxed. If Phil was nervous it never showed. Having a couple of sips of El’ Presidente (Dominican beer) may have helped. After taking a few shots in the hotel room, not drinks but photos, we proceeded outside for some natural light photos. We found a great location, near the reception area, that was shaded and perfect for some “GQ” photos. Patrick, Phil’s best man is a great friend and always there to support him. He would have never missed this special day. Phil looked like James Bond as he posed with his sunglasses. Soon it was time for Phil to meet his bride.

The setting for the ceremony was a beautiful gazebo and hanging from the top was flowing white fabric gathered together to create a dreamy backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The photographers Mary and Jerry working with the hotel staff photographer, covered different angles of the ceremony.  The couples began to walk into the courtyard and to the gazebo. Kayla, her father and grandfather came next as Phil caught a glimpse of his bride for the first time. The sun was shining down on Kayla and Phil as they recited their vows and exchanged rings.  After the ceremony, hugs were exchanged, and the guests were so happy they made the trip to the Dominican to witness this beautiful wedding.

The Grand staircase inside the resort lobby, resembled the staircase on Titanic. Phil and Kayla were like Leonardo and Kate on the stairs arm and arm. All the guests were strategically posed on the staircase, making sure we could see everyone. By this time the sun had come down in the sky and the lighting was sweet. Kayla and Phil were relaxed, sitting on a bench just watching their wedding party, when we took a few candids of their special moments together. We went back into the Gazebo and took some beautiful images.

The reception location was elegantly set outside with a little bridge going down into a grassy area. There was a small pond on the other side of the garden. We’ll get to the pond later. Guests took photos in the grassy area with an accent bamboo as a background. After dinner was served, Dad made a special toast to his Kayla and Phil. It was a touching moment. A special order was made for a couple of Corona’s, so Kayla and Phil could toast each other with their cozies.

Kayla and Phil shared their first dance.  As any good photographer, Jerry was making sure he had the perfect angle for the first dance photo when he stepped off the dance floor into the pond. Luckily the pond had only a foot of water and the only thing that got wet was Jerry’s shoes and pant legs.

Kayla and Phil were grateful for everyone who made the trip to their Punta Cana destination wedding! The Dreams resort location was gorgeous and provided a day that will always be remembered. Peace, joy and happiness to Kayla and Phil. As they say in Punta Cana “Happy Wife, Happy Life- Happy, Happy, Happy!” Mary and Jerry wish you happiness, joy and blessings as you share your life together. Thanks for letting us be a part of your amazing day!

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