Michael and Jessica's Muskego Lakes Country Club Wedding

Michael and Jessica’s Muskego Lakes Country Club Wedding

The day might have been windy for Michael and Jessica’s outdoor wedding, but who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh air on their face and wind blowing through their hair? Although the wind made decorating a bit more challenging, once the ceremony began the weather had calmed. The sun peaked out of the clouds throughout the day providing warmth and light for a beautiful day.

Jessica and the girls had their hair and makeup done as they arrived at the Muskego Lakes Country Club. As the girls were making their final preparations, details of the bride’s attire was photographed. Soon it was the moment everyone was waiting for, Jessica put on her dress and looked like a radiant, elegant princess. Her dress fit like a glove and she looked absolutely stunning. Right before the ceremony began her Dad came in and saw her for the first time. You could tell that he was blown away with how beautiful she looked and how happy he was to be walking her down the aisle. Meanwhile, the groom was outdoors taking photos with his groomsmen and parents. He appeared to be very nervous and excited, opting to take a walk with Dad before taking pictures. You could tell how much this meant to him.

Outside the country club overlooking the beautiful golf course, chairs were set up leading to an elegantly decorated arbor. The ceremony began and couples started walking down the grassy aisle. Everyone anticipated the arrival of the bride who arrived shortly after the ring bearer and flower girls proceeded, one of them carrying an adorable sign that read “get ready here comes my auntie!” Once Mike caught a glimpse of Jessica his eyes began to tear up. They had waited so patiently and now they were about to become husband and wife. Their officiant was a friend of both Michael and Jessica. As they exchanged vows Michael began to tear up, you could feel just how much he loved Jessica. With a kiss and big smiles, it was official-Michael and Jessica were married!

After the ceremony family members gathered in some shade which made a great location for photos. Each family was photographed with the newlyweds before they left and made their journey to Whitnall Park for wedding party pictures. The party bus to the park was jammin’ as the wedding party began having a great time listening to tunes and enjoying themselves. Once at the park the wedding party posed in front of a lovely pond. The ladies showed off their strength by lifting the groom and jokingly pretended to toss him into the water. The waterfall at Whitnall Park made for a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom and because of the rainy days prior, the waterfall was really flowing! Ironically, considering he had been there many times before, Michael had not known there was a waterfall at the bottom of the hill. With the water flowing and the sun shining, it almost seemed like we were in a tropical location.

While the wedding party was out taking pictures, guests enjoyed cocktail hour. When the wedding party returned they made their entrance sporting light sabers and mini death stars, making it an amazing Star Wars themed grand march for May the 4th! After the cake was cut and dinner had been served, we took some amazing sunset pictures of the bride and groom. Soon it was time to hit the dance floor! The father daughter dance was particularly special-they did a formal song and then busted into the “Jump Around” song before returning to the original song. It was super fun to watch and dance along to! Everyone had a fun time dancing and a great time taking photos in the photo booth, which was filled with crazy fun props!

Jessica and Mike are wonderful couple and throughout the day, the love they have for each other was known. Sometimes it would be a look Michael would give Jessica, other times Jessica would just look into his eyes and you could just see it. The day began as a windy cloudy day, but ended with a warm sunset in which they share their next days, weeks and years together as husband and wife. Nicole and Mary were privileged to capture the special moments of their day. May the warmth and light of the sun always shine upon you and in your hearts as you grow in love with one another!


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