Kevin and Brandie's Westmoor Country Club Wedding

Kevin and Brandie’s Westmoor Country Club Wedding

On their October 14th wedding day, Kevin and Brandie didn’t wait for the storm to pass but instead danced in the rain. There was no need for singing “rain, rain go away” for everyone’s spirits were bright. From beginning to end, the rain followed with promises of good luck and growth in their new life together as husband and wife.

The Westmoor Country Club provided the stage for wedding preparation. As the girls got ready, details of the bride’s attire were carefully photographed. Brandie’s dress was hung alongside the bridesmaid’s dresses while they prepared their hair and makeup for the day. In her dress Brandie looked elegant and radiant with anticipation and joy. Elsewhere, Kevin and the guys were getting ready for the big moment. This included nice clean shaves and multiple hair checks. Once they were dressed, Jerry and Daniel captured photos of them “on the golf course” from the safety of underneath the overhang. During all the fun, Kevin sent his bride to be a loving text that read, “the clock is ticking down! See you soon beautiful!” Between the text and the letters Kevin and Brandie exchanged with one another, there were so many loving words shared between them before the ceremony even began!







Arriving at the church, Brandie and the girls waited in the limo, hidden from the rain, until it was time to walk down the aisle. When one enters the church, they find themselves face to face with a tremendous view. The stained-glass windows, cathedral ceiling and ornate decor present at Redeemer Lutheran Church made for an extravagant ceremony. Rain leaked through the roof declaring itself as a guest, and as Brandie walked down the aisle to meet her husband to be, the room was filled with drips, drops, and gasps of awe. The service was excellently lead by Pastor Lisa, with readings from Kevin’s Uncle Kevin and Brandie’s Aunt Roxie.

After the couple shared their first kiss and the ceremony came to an end, guests were greeted by Kevin and Brandie in the receiving line. The sanctuary was used as a backdrop for family and friends who gathered together to take photos. The old church had much character, you could see it in the old wooden doors, which made for excellent interior poses. On the way back to the country club, the wedding party raced against the rain and stopped for a detour at Hoyt Park bridge. The wedding colors, yellow and gray, worked perfectly with the fall leaves and stone background making for excellent pictures. Kevin and Brandie brought some clear umbrellas along which added to the ambience of the day. By the end, the wedding party had proved that love is sunshine on a rainy day.

Back at Westmoor, the rain had cleared so we took to the golf course for some more photos. The sky was gloomy which resulted in beautiful lighting. The mums in front of the country club were a perfect backdrop to photograph Brandie in her gorgeous dress. Inside where the reception took place, the room was pleasantly decorated with signs and pops of yellow. Strands of lights hung from the ceiling like stars in the sky. The atmosphere was filled with love and laughter shared between friends and family. When dinner was over, the dancing began, and the floor was quickly filled from side to side with guests showing off their moves.






Albeit a rainy one, Kevin and Brandie had the perfect day for their wedding. Their day was not fazed at all by the weather, in fact the rain was more like confetti falling from the sky as if nature was in on the celebration. It was truly a pleasure for Mary, Jerry, and their son Daniel to photograph their special day. Kevin and Brandie clearly have so much love to give to one another and their wedding was just another way of showing it. Congratulations to the happy couple, may you always find your sunshine.

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