Jeff & Debra's Spring Wedding

Jeff & Debra’s Spring Wedding

When the day finally arrived for Debra and Jeff’s wedding, Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church was the perfect setting for their spring wedding. Although the forecast called for rain on Sunday May 26th, the day was sunny, but not too hot. The kind of day every bride dreams of. Jeff and Debra had some help from above, holding the rain back so Debra and Jeff could enjoy their beautiful day.

Debra and the girls were getting ready in the lower level of the church. The girls began to arrive and put on their dresses. The flower arrangements by Avant Gardens accented their wedding colors perfectly. It was time for Debra to put on her dress and she looked absolutely stunning in red. Debra’s son Gregory came down to see her in her red dress and was so happy to be the one to walk his mother down the aisle. As the time for the ceremony approached, Debra and the girls rode the elevator up to the main level where the ceremony would begin.

Jeff and his groomsmen were already upstairs relaxing, where gummy bears were being shared and enjoyed.

As the ceremony began, the attendants lined up as couples, while Jeff stood at the front waiting for his bride. As Debra walked in Jeff could see Debra was his “Lady in Red”. The officiant, Jim Rand, spoke about how you’re never too old to find love as Debra and Jeff have. After the ceremony, the final documents were signed, it was official; Debra and Jeff were now husband and wife.

Photos of family were taken at the alter in the church. The day was so nice, the photographers from In-Focus, Nicole and Mary looked around the church grounds when they arrived and found some greenery locations for nice outdoor photos. Debra said she loved the greenery, even if the girl’s heels were sinking into the ground. We took a few wedding party photos, then some photos with Jeff and Debra. As the photos finished, everyone gathered into the limo.

Tuscan Hall was the destination for the reception. Avant Gardens set up the tables and arrangements with elegancy. Debra and Jeff loved it! The cocktail hour was buzzing as guests were enjoying drinks and delicious appetizers. Jeff and Debra with the wedding party behind, were announced. The cake make by Aggies Bakery was elegant and very delicious. Jeff and Debra stopped to cut their cake, then shared their first dance. While they were dancing, you could see by the look in Jeff’s eye, just how much he adored Debra. Dinner was served and toasts began by the Best man, Matt and the Maid of honor, Mary Beth.

Bobby and the Wayouts got the dance started with some phenomenal music. The band was so good you could listen to them all night long. They were so electrifying that the power even went out for a short time!

On this special day, the Officiant, Jim Rand and his wife were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your special day with Jeff and Debra!

Meredith from Blue Fancy did a fantastic job putting this all together. Little did we know, how good Meredith could sing. She picked up the microphone and sang with Bobby and the Wayouts. Everyone cheered!

At the end of the day, Jeff and Debra snuck outside, ending their special day with photos of Jeff and Debra as the sun was setting. Nicole and Mary were honored to be a part of Jeff and Debra’s day. May the love you share on your wedding day, grow into an even greater love that you’ve yet to know!

– Nicole and Mary the In-Focus Team


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