Ben & Lea’s August Wedding at the Rustic Manor 1848

Ben & Lea’s August Wedding at the Rustic Manor 1848

August 28, 2020

The day had finally come, Lea & Benjamin would be wed at Wisconsin’s premier barn wedding venue, the Rustic Manor 1848. The day started with sunshine, but on the drive out to the venue, we noticed the skies growing increasingly stormy. Upon arrival, it began to pour and the thought of an outdoor ceremony seemed unlikely. However, our spirits were still high and we were positive that the day would be beautiful, rain or shine. Some people believe rain on your wedding is good luck! It’s meant to symbolize fertility and cleansing.

The rain was the least of the bride’s worries. Lea and her bridesmaids enjoyed their time together during hair and make-up. They toasted with champagne mimosas for Lea’s big day! They all looked so beautiful. Tara, the maid of honor, would assist the bride with her beautiful vintage birdcage veil. It took much practice to put it on but was a stunning accessory to her bridal attire. Her beautiful lace dress hung elegantly just waiting to come to life as the bride put it on. Lea looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown! The bride had a special visit from her German Shepard, Franki. He came accessorized with a flowered collar & a neckerchief that read the words, “I do too,” on it. Everyone was ready for the big day!

While the ladies were prepping for the big day the guys were busy preparing some decor. They were assembling a beautiful arch for the ceremony. When that was done it was game time! The groom Ben was playing Pacman, arcade-style! The guys enjoyed some drinks and started getting ready for photos. To our luck, the rain stopped just in time to head out for photos! After taking a variety of photographs with the groomsmen, we found out Ben had been wearing the wrong tux the entire time!

Due to the rainy and muggy weather, the ceremony was moved indoors. The sun seeped into the barn creating a warm and welcoming environment for all guests of Ben & Lea’s big day. The bridal party made their way down the aisle as the ceremony began. Franki made another appearance at the ceremony, walking down the aisle following the scent of yummy treats! Then followed the bride who was accompanied by her three brothers. Lea joined her groom, they tied a love knot to symbolize their love for each other. The bride and the groom kissed and began their journey down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Waraksa!

After the ceremony, it was time for pictures! Before family and bridal party pictures, the bride & groom had photographs taken with their fur babies, Franki and Bear. The two pups were major goofballs for the photos but were such a fun part of the day. We ventured both indoors and outdoors for family and additional photographs afterward to combat the heat and muggy weather. Ben & Lea and the rest of the bridal party were so much fun during group photos. Not to mention Rustic Manor is an absolutely jaw-dropping venue with awesome photo opportunities at every turn.

It was time to celebrate! The reception was lead with heartfelt speeches from the maid of honor and best man. The wedding was catered by Double B’s BBQ Restaurant, the food was delicious! The guests had the best time dancing, laughing, and sharing smiles all night!

Ben & Lea’s wedding cake was amazing. It looked like real Birchwood and totally went along with their rustic wedding theme. The bride and groom had smiles painted across their faces for the remainder of the night. They were always at each other’s side and always glowing with joy! We were able to sneak the bride and groom away for some intimate photo ops. We were so happy to capture these special moments!

Ben & Lea share such a genuine love for each other. We were so happy to be there with them not only to photograph their big day but to be a part of the love they share. May your love grow each day as you spend the rest of your lives together. Congratulations to you, Mr. & Mrs. Waraksa!


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