John and Ruth's Downtown MKE Wedding

John and Ruth’s Downtown MKE Wedding

John and Ruth couldn’t have had a nicer day for their perfect summer wedding. It was a high of 82-degrees with a nice breeze to cool everyone off. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t nearly as bright as the bride and grooms smiles that day.

The couple both started off getting ready alongside their family and friends. John and the boys were on time and ready to go. Their laughter flooded the room as they prepared John for his big moment, if he was nervous it didn’t show for he was cool and calm. Meanwhile, Ruth and the girls were also ready and on time. Their teacher skills must have kicked in because everything was organized perfectly. The light shining in through the windows emanated the elegant dress Ruth was wearing. She looked stunning as she posed for photos, the girls watched in awe letting out little oohs and aahs. While waiting for the flowers, the girls took some fun photos with John and Ruth (bravely) entrusted the boys to carry her for a few shots.

The prestigious Hilton Garden Inn, which doubles as a registered landmark in downtown Milwaukee, provided an elegant backdrop for this couple’s ceremony. The skylight above created a wonderful ambient atmosphere great for taking photographs. As it was getting closer, John stood calmly but eagerly waiting for his bride while Ruth waited on the level below anticipating the walk up the double staircase to see her groom. Officiant Micah, lead the service as Ruth and John exchanged the rings and said their vows to one another. The newlyweds shared their first kiss as husband and wife and then proceeded down the staircase where guests greeted and congratulated them.

Cocktail hour in the atrium began with a champagne toast, the guests gushed about the beautiful location, and were grinning from ear to ear. While the guests were conversing, John and Ruth posed with their family and wedding party for both fun and formal photos on the grand staircase. For one of the photos Jerry staged, he had the young girl give the young boy a kiss on the cheek. On the count of three, after the photo was taken, he nervously took off running up the stairs as she chased after him.

The Hilton Garden did an admirable job of putting together the wedding reception; the staff was very pleasant and accommodating. Everyone was treated to a wonderful meal of salmon or sirloin, followed by delicious caramel cupcakes. After dinner, the couple cut the cake and Ruth smashed some cake into John’s face while everyone laughed. It was the perfect way to get the party started!

The celebration continued with Ruth and John’s spectacular first dance, which they did with such grace and elegance. Once dancing begun they received a pleasant surprise, the Village People made a “cameo appearance” and treated us all to a private show. Speaking of private show, the bride also received one from best man, Tom-what an illustrious dance!

When guests weren’t on the dance floor, they were choosing crazy props and posing at the “Fun Booth”, which was provided by In-Focus. Images were printed out right away so that guests could take home a memento from John and Ruth’s special day.

On July 15th, 2017 John and Ruth shared their love in the great celebration of their wedding day, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. Truly it was a pleasure for the In-Focus Team to be a part of the fun. Many blessings to them both as they begin their journey together.

View John and Ruth’s wedding images here!

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